It is the outdoor advertising that attracts the live pedestrian flow. This is the advertising that will invite to visit, attract with a certain promotion, show a message or brand. It will establish a name, a brand, a color, pictures…

This is the brand of your shop, office, business building, and all other structures that can give a certain visualization for a certain period of time.

Outdoor advertising can also attract the interest of drivers or people who travel in vehicles. If the advertisement is to attract attention quickly, it needs to have a short message and a very memorable visualization that is easily understood.

New and modern technologies provide many opportunities to attract and retain the attention of customers through outdoor advertising, such as:

  • Billboard / Megaboard
  • Transportation advertising: on cars, trucks, buses
  • Construction of advertising facilities
  • Signs
  • Beach flags
  • Perforated films
  • Volumetric letters
  • Other